The Sierra Nevada is home to various indigenous tribes, including the Kogis, Arahuacos, Kankuamos, and Wiwa who believe the Sierra Nevada to be the heart of the world.  Their spiritual leaders are known as Mamos and are considered responsible for maintaining natural order and harmony in the world through songs, meditations and ritual offerings which includes burying special stones in sacred sites to give back to the earth what is taken out of it.  One Love has cultivated a relationship with the local indigenous people over the years of integral development in order to create a sacred space for you to join in creating balance and harmony within your own heart and in the heart of the world.  



The general climate is without a doubt a warm humid tropical rainforest with an average temperature of 24 degrees C.  There is plenty of tropical thunderstorms and periods of heavy rainfall throughout the year, though the weather is generally irregular and unpredictable given the proximity to weather from the Caribbean Sea. However warm and humid the days may be, the nights generally offer a cooling reprieve from the heat of the day.



Just a fifteen-minute drive from the coastal town of Palomino into the jungle towards the Sierra Nevada, One Love offers a tranquil escape from the bustling coastal towns and cities of Colombia.  Only one and a half hours from the Santa Marta and Rioacha Airports, you can easily reach the tropical rainforest and find yourself surrounded by the forest canopy and enchanting songs of wild creatures while still having a restful place to relax and practice your own harmonizing rituals in peace.  Private transportation is available. 


Personal accommodations at One Love are inspired by local traditions of circular design with high thatched palapa roofing.  Plentiful windows offer jungle views and natural light from almost all four directions while remaining private with clever orientations and surrounding foliage.  A total of five cabañas can host 14 family, couples or close friends comfortably with a maximum up to 19 people with shared accommodations.  

Each room includes modern comforts such as fan, mosquito net, air conditioning, mini fridge, personal safe, wifi and television as well as a spacious detached bathroom and outdoor shower where you can bathe in the open air gazing at the tropical hillsides.  The private terrace offers hammocks and a cold water Jacuzzi for refreshing from the hot afternoons.


Food and Farm


The One Love kitchen is inspired to make international cuisine with ingredients sourced from the local area and onsite farm into recipes made from scratch that will satisfy your desire for flavor.  The kitchen is equipped with a cast iron wood-burning oven to infuse the flavor of nature into all things slowly roasted within. The farm is a growing project that includes cultivation of vegetables not common to the Colombian cuisine that enhance the varieties of dishes you will experience during your stay.